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Nelson, Pope & Voorhis, LLC (NP&V) was formed in 1997 and has grown in capabilities and size since that time. The merger of Charles Voorhis (10 years in business and 10 years in government) with Nelson & Pope (a 50+-year tradition in engineering and related services) created an environmental planning firm with a wealth of experience to bring to complex environmental analysis, planning and feasibility, resource assessment and site investigations. NP&V features three divisions, created to better serve clients with high quality, innovative and responsive consulting services in all aspects of environmental planning.


The division of ENVIRONMENTAL RESOURCE & WETLANDS ASSESSMENT provides quality services in the preparation of Environmental Impact Statements (EIS’s), Environmental Assessments (EA’s), planning and zoning law review and preparation, stormwater permitting and erosion control compliance, and wetland delineation, assessment, mitigation and New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC) permitting. This division also prepares natural resource based planning studies, watershed and open space management plans. This division is headed by Carrie O’Farrell, AICP and has a capable staff including environmental planners, wetland ecologists and environmental professionals to ensure timely delivery of quality products.

The division of PHASE I/II ASSESSMENTS & REMEDIATION performs Phase I and II Environmental Site Assessments (ESA’s), voluntary cleanup, brownfields cleanup, RI/FS and all aspects of site remediation and investigation. The division is headed by Steven McGinn, CEI, AICP, a member of Nelson & Pope’s environmental services branch for 13 years with significant experience in preparation of Phase I/II ESA’s field investigations and remediation. This division includes a staff of hydrogeologists and environmental professionals and coordinates required field equipment and laboratory services. NP&V has performed large and small assessments and provides the fastest possible turnaround to meet due diligence periods and deadlines which are often a factor in real estate transactions. NP&V Phase I/II ESA services are known and accepted by lending institutions throughout the tri-state area.

The division of ENVIRONMENTAL & COMMUNITY PLANNING specializes in comprehensive planning local and regional planning. Technology is key in today’s planning field and NP&V continues to keep pace with the most current tools available for planning applications. Use of Geographic Information System (GIS) software, CommunityViz (3-D simulation and analysis software), architectural modeling software, AutoCAD, and planning and analysis software and spreadsheets, results in rapid, accurate and high quality data, analysis, illustration and reporting. This division conducts planning studies, revitalization plans, community development/public participation activities, and human resource analysis including noise, air, demographic, socio-economic and visual resource assessment (including 3D simulations, photo simulations and shadow studies). The division is directed by Kathryn Eiseman, AICP and includes planners, economic analysts and GIS specialists.

Range of Capabilities:

NP&V is a full service environmental planning and land use consulting firm, with capabilities including:

  • Environmental impact statements (EIS); assessment forms (EAF); Ecological and wildlife studies; visual analysis (3-D modeling; photo simulations); noise and air emission impact studies and compliance with federal, state & local environmental regulations & laws.
  • Full environmental and planning review services for municipalities including site plan and subdivision review, zoning board review and SEQRA Administration.
  • Conceptual site development planning; public outreach: visioning workshops and charrettes; development alternatives; zoning; site yield studies; build-out analysis and comprehensive regional and hamlet planning studies.
  • Flagging and identification of fresh water and tidal wetlands; preparation of wetland permitting; and wetland restoration plans.
  • Design of management plans for storm water and erosion control compliance with latest federal and state regulations; preparation and processing of Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans; and site compliance during construction.
  • Planning and permitting of waterfront improvement projects; water quality data management and studies.
  • Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) project planning, and sustainable development through environmental site design;
  • Community development, economic impact, market studies, demographic studies, niche market studies, economic development plans, and housing incentives and programs.
  • Phase I, II and III environmental site assessments.
  • Geophysical surveys; GPR services; remedial investigation and feasibility studies; Brownfield investigations; voluntary cleanup program; and oil spill closure.
  • Soil and groundwater sampling, soil borings and drilling services;
  • Groundwater investigations and modeling, subsurface geophysical surveys, flow studies, ground penetrating radar and pipe camera services;
  • Asbestos and lead monitoring, pesticide soil management and all forms of Phase II ESA’s;
  • Inventory of physical features; GIS mapping; data management and analysis; and ground penetrating radar for identification of subsurface conditions.
  • Comprehensive research into site development related issues affecting project implementation, timing and costs.
  • Comprehensive regional watershed and water supply management and planning studies.
  • Grant writing for government and non-profit entities to secure project funding; and
  • Traffic assessments, engineering feasibility, surveying, site design and development planning and construction specifications and inspections (provided by Nelson & Pope).

Nelson Pope & Voorhis’ affiliation with Nelson & Pope Engineers and Surveyors (Nelson & Pope) allows for a seamless connection to a wide range of services including civil and sanitary engineering, traffic assessment, surveying and construction inspection capabilities should these services be necessary during the course of a project. Nelson & Pope is an 80 plus member Long Island based multi-disciplined civil engineering and surveying firm, that has been providing services to local and regional government, private development companies and, individual land owners on projects throughout Nassau and Suffolk Counties for over 60 years. All the principals of Nelson & Pope, as well as many of the staff are New York State Licensed Professional Engineers and/or Land Surveyors. Many of the staff have advanced technical degrees. The wide range of engineering and surveying services of Nelson & Pope Engineers and Surveyors can be available upon your request.


The number of professional licenses and professional staff specifically associated with Nelson, Pope & Voorhis, LLC are noted as follows:

Licensed Professional Engineers 7
Licensed Surveyor 2
Certified Environmental Professionals 2
Certified Planners 5
Certified Environmental Inspectors 2
Licensed Asbestos Handling 1
Professional Geologists 1
GIS Specialist/Environmental Engineer 1
Ecologist 1
Environmental Planner 3
Environmental Analyst 2

Nelson, Pope & Voorhis is committed to providing quality environmental, planning and consulting services to all clients. Nelson, Pope & Voorhis clients are secure in the knowledge that all receive innovative and quality services in a professional and timely manner.

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