Our Approach

Our project management ensures quality and timely results. Nelson, Pope & Voorhis recognizes that each client and project is unique, so our goal is to give personalized attention for outstanding results. We make sure we understand the various aspects, issues and needs associated with each project. Each client works with a partner-level professional who appoints a project manager. In turn, the project manager provides guidance, oversight and public interface and supervises day-to-day project coordination and advancement. The project manager also assembles a select team of trained and dedicated staff from the three NP&V’s divisions. This hand-picked talent ensures quality and timely results.

Here are the specific responsibilities of key team members who work with appropriate staff and partners from other divisions to meet the explicit needs of each project:

Managing Partner

  • Responsible for the project
  • Directs the Project Manager
  • Reviews materials prior to release
  • Attends key meetings
  • Presents materials at hearings
  • Maintains involvement in the project from start to finish

Project Manager

  • An experienced professional with high profile in the company
  • Significant experience in the expertise necessary for the project
  • Oversees the division which is primarily responsible for document preparation
  • Directs senior staff person in project production
  • Ensures that proper support staff is assigned from within the company
  • Includes other divisions for specialized analyses, Nelson & Pope for civil and traffic engineering or other required services
  • Produce the project in coordination with senior staff
  • Provides day-to-day coordination, attends all meetings and is available on an as-needed basis to ensure that the project runs smoothly

We apply our experience and skills to solving problems utilizing specialized staff for each project; where appropriate, we apply sophisticated software for managing data, conducting spatial analysis, drafting and preparing plans. We have assembled an extensive GIS database of environmental, planning, economic, and planimetric mapping and data for use in routine and special projects and studies.. We also routinely work with municipalities to obtain relevant GIS files from governmental GIS Offices under license agreement.

We have a wide range of experience serving a number of municipalities throughout Long Island, New York City and the Hudson Valley Region, ranging in size from large metropolitan areas to small villages. We perform a range of consulting services including:

  • Planning review and studies
  • Environmental review and studies
  • SEQRA Administration
  • Wetlands delineation and permitting
  • All aspects of environmental permitting
  • Stormwater plans/inspections
  • Phase I/II/III ESAs, asbestos, lead, and other inspections
  • Code preparation and amendments
  • Economic and fiscal analysis
  • Long range planning studies (LWRPs, downtown revitalization, BOA studies)
  • Grant writing and administration
  • Special analyses and studies

Nelson, Pope & Voorhis is committed to providing quality environmental, planning and consulting services to all clients. You can be secure in the knowledge that you will receive innovative and quality services in a professional and timely manner.

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