At NP&V our primary focus is to provide quality consulting services that meet the needs and goals of our clients while respecting the parameters of environmental realities. We pride ourselves on being extremely responsive to each client’s requests. We use an intuitive approach, utilizing the skills and experience of the staff most appropriate for the specific project. To this end, every client works with a partner-level professional from project start to finish.

Detailed Assessment

To ensure success on your project, we utilize cutting edge innovative mapping and analytical tools to provide in-depth and accurate assessments of environmental conditions and to produce high quality graphic products. We also use sophisticated software for managing data, spatial analysis, drafting and preparing plans. In addition, NP&V maintains an extensive GIS database of planning, environmental, economic and planimetric mapping and data for use in routine and special projects and studies.

We also own and operate specialized equipment for subsurface geophysical investigations including a Power Probe subsurface drilling and sampling unit and ground penetrating radar. This equipment allows NP&V personnel to obtain soil and groundwater samples from various depths, install wells, conduct soil borings; complete soil-gas vapor surveys, locate subsurface tanks and leaching pools and related field work. The equipment is invaluable in allowing NP&V to conduct Phase II site assessments and other subsurface investigations. NP&V has performed numerous investigations using this equipment to arrive at environmental solutions on behalf of municipal and private clients.

Investment in multiple disciplines and the option of a variety of in-house inter-related services in the basic disciplines of environmental science and planning ensures NP&V operates at the highest levels of efficiency. Our clients appreciate what this means it terms of quality control and the timely and effective completion of projects. You will too.

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