Demographic Studies

Through the inventory of past, present and projected demography, Nelson, Pope & Voorhis has prepared numerous demographic studies for both municipal and private clients. Such studies reveal critical trends and information pertaining to the residents, housing stock, transportation patterns and business climate within a given community, and are pertinent when preparing for future change. A Demographic Study often allows municipalities to take steps in planning for the future, through the changing demographic makeup of its residents, visitors and businesses, the skills of the labor force, the type of development or opportunities that a community may demand to adapt to future change, the nature of the market that would support the local economy and those that will utilize the resources.

In order to ensure the most accurate demographic conditions, Nelson, Pope & Voorhis utilizes a multitude of federal, state and local data sources, combined with various commercial data providers that provide general demographic, housing, social and economic characteristics. Our Demographic Studies have served as stand-alone reports, but are more frequently prepared in combination with Comprehensive Planning and other municipal economic development and planning efforts.

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