School District / Community Service Impact Analysis

Nelson, Pope & Voorhis has prepared numerous reports that outline the impact of various types of development on local school districts, fire and ambulance districts, police departments, and other community service providers in a given community. As part of this type of analysis, Nelson, Pope & Voorhis examines trends in school district enrollment, capacity, pupil expenditures and budgets, as well as equipment, staff, budgets and the number of calls among community service providers specific to a given locale. Population projections are factored into our location-specific modeling system to determine additional costs associated with the provision of services. Such expenditures are then compared to the projected impact on the tax base to determine the net impact on each of the community services being evaluated.

Our School District/Community Service Impact Analyses have served as stand-alone reports, but are more frequently prepared in combination with our Fiscal Impact Analyses and/or Tax Base Analyses.

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