Tax Base Analysis

Nelson, Pope & Voorhis has worked closely and built a long-standing relationship with many Town Assessors over the years. These relationships have allowed for a solid understanding of municipal taxing procedures. As part of a Tax Base Analysis, Nelson, Pope & Voorhis examines the existing conditions of a given jurisdiction’s tax base, the distribution of revenue among taxing jurisdictions, and the sufficiency of tax revenues to support the services provided by each of the taxing districts.

Such an analysis is often coupled with findings from a build-out analysis, and inputted into our “Regional Impact Assessment Model” (RIAM) – a model developed by Nelson, Pope & Voorhis to determine quantifiable impacts which could result from the predicted build-out potential. Such impacts include those on population, the number of school children, potential job creation, tax revenue, pupil education cost, school district revenue/deficit, solid waste generation, water use/sanitary flow, and vehicle trip generation.

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