LWRP & Harbor Management Plans

As the economic realities of waterfront land use put increased pressure on traditional maritime uses to be replaced by other uses, it is important to strike a balance of both water-dependent and water-enhanced uses in a manner that recognizes a community’s maritime heritage. NP&V has significant experience in waterfront and coastal projects, and NYS Department of State grant related projects, including management plans. NP&V has local knowledge of the unique attributes of the south shore estuaries, the Long Island Sound and Atlantic Ocean and the importance of coastal resources throughout the Long Island area. Our firm is also familiar with the numerous studies and reports that exist related to watershed and harbor management.

NP&V takes into consideration the local traditional maritime trades involving shellfishing, fin fishing, boat building and repair, marine transport of goods, ferry services, marine charter businesses and the recreational boating industry that contribute to the unique character of the subject location. The various waterfronts and associated upland areas make up a resource that must be protected, enhanced and improved in terms of aesthetics, water access and environmental quality. Of critical importance is the identification and protection of the environmental quality of surface waters, wetlands, and natural and critical habitat areas for terrestrial and aquatic wildlife. Through proper planning, the environmental setting and ambiance of waterfronts may continue to be enjoyed by residents and visitors and remain a source of prosperity for businesses, balanced with needed environmental protection of resources.

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