NP&V is grounded in history and tradition. In 1997 Charles Voorhis merged his successful 9-year consulting business with Nelson & Pope, a company with 60+ years of experience in civil engineering and land surveying. In the past 20 years, NP&V has built upon the tradition of excellence in client services started by Nelson & Pope in 1954. Today, we are more committed than ever to the core element of our firm’s principles: providing consistent, quality, responsive services to our clients.

Effective January 2017.  NP&V  is pleased to announce the expansion of our Hudson Valley office through the purchase of the Turner Miller Group, a well-established and respected Hudson Valley planning and environmental consulting firm.

NP&V offers full in-house capabilities. NP&V has extensive experience in complex environmental analysis, planning and feasibility, resource assessment and site investigations. Our three in-house divisions enable us to service clients with high quality, innovative and responsive consulting services in all aspects of environmental planning. We offer a variety of inter-related services within the basic disciplines of environmental science and planning. This ensures that a wide variety of services is offered, allowing us to maintain better quality control. Projects are completed efficiently, effectively, and on time.